The Journey

I wrote this poem many years ago, but the truth of it overwhelms me as I reread it. I still don’t like going through difficult times, and I sure wouldn’t choose the hard things.  But neither would I trade what He has taught me about Himself to go back to what I was before each lesson.

May you feel His arms carrying you on your journey!

By the way, I added a stanza just today.  Do you know which one?


The Journey

The path of life has taken a turn
down a trail unclear;
Every step a frightening one
but for the Voice I hear.

This isn’t how I had it planned;
I thought I knew what’s best.
I would have sent me some other way,
a place where I could rest.

Instead God held my hands in His
and from my whitened knuckles
Took away the map I’d drawn
and I felt my great faith buckle.

Oh, how sadness then gripped my heart
when I saw what I had done,
For I had selfishly decided
how my race would be won.

So through the thorns and underbrush
my Lord led me instead;
To teach me how to really yield
with my heart, not just my head.

To learn to listen carefully
and heed every word He speaks;
And not just pick and choose the ones
I think I’d like to keep.

Now I anxiously look about
as I face this unknown day;
But He says to me, “Peace, be still~
I’ve already been this way.

“I’ll show you that the turn you took
was already written in my Book;
And that your load I’m able to bear
or I wouldn’t have led you there.

“My desire is to complete My plans
I’ve had right from the start;
To hold you in My loving hands
and shape your willful heart.

“I can use your trials in My plan
If you’ll allow Me to carry you
And teach you what I’d have you learn
By what you’re going through.

“For there are those along this path
who wander through their days
In confusion, pain, and heartache~
You must show them I am The Way.

“You’ll learn as we go that I truly do know
what is best for you, dear one;
And you’ll see your great reward
when the race you’ve finally won.

“When, at last, you leave this path
of trouble, pain, and tears,
And enter into Glory,
looking back on all the years~

“Coming up behind you,
standing tall and strong and true,
Are all the lives that enter there
just because of you.

“You’ll look behind you, faithful child,
at the others you led each day,
And celebrate their eternal victory
Because you showed them My Way.”

Janice Powell 2013


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