Several years ago, I sat staring dejectedly at the Bible verse cards taped to the wall above my desk, cards I had placed there because I believed what they said and wanted to remember them. But on that day, as I read verse after verse, each one originally meaning a great deal to me, I heard myself confess to myself, “I don’t believe any of these.”

I am not sure what I said back to myself, but I am certain of what God said to me:

It doesn’t matter whether you think they are true. They are STILL true.

In other words, my opinion about truth doesn’t affect the truth even a smidgen!

<Insert dramatic organ music here>

Epiphany – defn.: a sudden revelation or insight

I pondered this new insight, this revelation the Holy Spirit whispered to my heart. More like my heart soaked it up, basked in it, grabbed on to it in desperation. What encouragement I found in realizing that something is there–solid, real, unchanging— no matter how I feel or think at any particular moment. Something on which to hang my hat and plant my feet. Something that operates independent of hormones, for Pete’s sake.

That something is Someone who loves me, knows all things, will never leave me, will never change the rules. Someone who was, is, and will always be – Jesus Christ. (Revelation 1:8)

Truth is a constant because He is truth (John 14:6) and He never changes (Malachi 3:6). He is unaffected by whim, emotions, social trends, media mania, presidential propaganda–and hormones! Hallelujah!

That moment at my desk was a profound turning point in my walk with my Jesus. Now when I experience times of questioning, I remember that sweet voice of the Holy Spirit and the instant security He spoke into my heart and mind. What I didn’t believe just moments before, I realized I could believe because His unchanging truth is not based on my emotions. My faith grew exponentially then, and that lesson has continued to bolster my faith since.

So while it is true that my human opinion wields no power to change the truth (because truth is unchangeable), the truth has supernatural power to change me.

Jesus said, “…and you will know the truth, and the truth will make you free.” John 8:32

As a former prisoner whom He set free, I know it is true. Without a doubt.

Janice Powell 2013


2 thoughts on “Epiphany!

  1. How true this is Janice! God’s truth never changes or turns at all. We are the ones who try to change or ignore His truth. Once we are His though….the Holy Spirit always speaks to us and brings us back to the right realization of God’s Word and how it is never changing and steady as a rock!

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