The Lord gave me this poem around the time I was working on my devotional book, Blessings for Mothers, published in 2010. Because of the publisher’s limit of 65 little ol’ words for each page, I couldn’t squeeze the poem into the book.


Are all these yours?
I heard one day
From someone who had
Her first child on the way.

She observed by brood
With a wary eye,
Then patted each one
As she walked by.

I remembered the time
When I carried my first
And thought when I saw him
My heart would burst.

I marveled how the years
Have passed in a blur
So I said a prayer
For her child and her.

That they treasure each moment
From the first to the last
And live in the present
Not the future or past.

For children grow up
And time marches on
We must live each moment
Before the moment is gone.

Janice Powell 2013


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