But God…

A message our pastor gave caused me to thoughtfully consider what a catastrophe I would be without God’s intervention in my life. Of course, this is seen from my limited human perspective. Only He knows the myriad of times He has intervened and I have not seen or acknowledged His hand.

I am in awe of His omniscience, sovereignty, and boundless love, the breadth and depth of which I shall never fully grasp until in His presence.

But God…

I would have grown up without knowing about the Lord, but God gave me a mother who took me to church where I heard about Him.

I would have never accepted Christ, but God sent a group of college kids from Alabama to our little Missouri town to lead Vacation Bible School where I was saved at age nine.

I would have continued in my self-justified sin and darkness as a teenager and young adult, but God convicted me to truly live for Him.

I would have suffered irreparable damage from the sin I committed as a “Christian,” but God proved Himself bigger than my guilt and shame and healed my mind and heart.

I would have chosen a life of self-centeredness and materialism, but God showed me His plan for true joy and fulfillment.

I would have listened to the enemy and abandoned my family, but God grew me up and showed me that the right thing is hardly ever the easy thing, and that His grace is sufficient.

I would have raised my kids without grounding them in Him, but God opened my eyes to see what influence a mother has on future generations.

I would have preferred to ignore abortion, but God poured His courage into me and helped me share His love and truth.

I would have died from medical complications after the birth of our fifth child, but God was not finished with me yet and healed me completely.

I would have never had the sixth and seventh children after the previous experience, but God poured His peace into my heart that His plan is perfect.

I would have never thought I could write words that would honor Him, but God graciously arranges them in such a way that I know it can only be Him.

I would have never used my music as a way to bring glory to Him, but God changed the focus of my heart from the world to Him.

I would have never written music, but God has supernaturally given me that gift.

I would have never developed a hunger and thirst for the Word and His Spirit, but God makes sure nothing else satisfies.

I would have never become who I am today, but God is faithful to work all things together for good.

I would have never known what it means to live in freedom, but God, through Jesus Christ, purchased mine.

I would be empty, but God filled me.

I would be lost, but God found me.

I would be condemned, but God saved me.

I would be in bondage, but God set me free.

I would be dead, but God made me alive!

Janice Powell 2013

“…Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners, among whom I am foremost of all.” 1 Timothy 1:15b NAS


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