Grace for the Moment

On May 4, 2001, I slept on my mom’s couch while my dad attempted to get comfortable enough to sleep in the recliner. His body had fought the cancer for the previous year and a half, but it had come to the point where there wasn’t anything more to do for him medically. Mom and I, overwhelmed with not knowing how long this end stage would last, wondered if we should check into respite care, but decided we wanted to be the ones who took care of Dad.

On this early morning when he was restless, I tried to help him settle back down to sleep, then I lay back down on the couch. Through the words of this poem that began swirling through my mind, the Lord comforted me that we would receive from Him what we needed when we needed it.

If you are facing a difficult circumstance or are fearful of what lies ahead, I encourage you to trust Jesus to supply the necessary grace. It is something you cannot fully know ahead of time. But it is something you will fully know at just the right time.

Grace for the Moment

Grace for the moment
I know God provides
In the midst of my trials
His sweet grace resides.

Grace for each moment
Not a moment too soon
The moments unfolding
Like a flower in bloom.

Each petal revealing
True joy or deep pain
He showers His grace
Like a gentle rain.

Each drop full of promise
Of care for my need
My prayers for His grace
Are answered indeed.

Janice Powell 2013


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