No Other King

We commemorate the days leading up to the crucifixion and resurrection from a wholly different perspective than the first believers.

Imagine dejectedly shuffling away from the cross after witnessing the unspeakably cruel death of the man you believed would assume an earthly throne and free you from tyranny.

Imagine your sorrow when the distant wailing from Golgotha reaches your ears as you cower in fear and shame.

Imagine the daytime sun shrouded in darkness, the air pierced by the confused screams of your rulers and countrymen.

Imagine your own heart darkened, screaming with grief.

Imagine your confusion.


No Other King

We thought He would be majestic-
Not so much a man;
He explained His holy mission
But we did not understand.

He proved Himself to us
In every healing, in every word,
In every captive set free,
But our vision was blurred.

Our selfish ambition,
Impatience, and despair
Made us miss the truth
That God Himself was there.

We saw the empty tomb
And again confusion came-
Who stole away His body?
Who was to blame?

While we huddled in seclusion,
Fear, and disbelief-
Torn between rejoicing
And heart-wrenching grief,

He walked into the midst of us
Showed His hands, His feet, His side-
Saying, “Peace be to you!”
He was so very much alive!

We marveled at His presence
For we had seen Him die,
Then suddenly He was standing there
Right before our eyes.

Of course it had to be this way
For no other King could reign
Who had not defeated death and grave
And broken all our chains.

Praise to you, O Risen One,
Son of God Most High-
Forever on the throne of Heaven
For eternity, alive!

Janice Powell 2013


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