Thank you, Jesus, for Chick-fil-a!

It’s been an interesting week at our house.

On Monday, our number four child (K – 17) tested positive for the flu.

At 9:00 that evening, our septic tank decided to belch part of its contents into our laundry room, and water backed up in two bathrooms. (I really hate to taint a post about Chick-fil-a with the word septic, but it is part of the story.) Expecting the flu virus to make its rounds through everyone (while at the same time praying that it wouldn’t), I began to feel slightly overwhelmed.

The next day, J – 19, who shares K’s room, came down with flu symptoms. Yesterday, number five son (A – 14) did the same. And today, our youngest (C – 6) began running a fever, as well.

The pediatrician called in meds this morning, and I waited about an hour before I left to pick them up right before noon. I was surprised and a little disappointed when I reached the pharmacy drive-thru window to find that they didn’t have all of my daughter’s information, even though we had filled three other prescriptions there this week. However, I tried to cheerfully provide the information, all the while not feeling too well myself. When the clerk asked if I would like to wait inside the store, I told her I would run some other errands, the very important one being to acquire the world’s best chicken nuggets and salads…the other very important thing being how critical it was for my unshowered, makeup-less self to remain ensconced in my vehicle at all times.

Secure inside my car, I headed down the street to our beloved Chick-fil-a.

Dear non-American readers, I’m truly sorry you have no comprehension of the culinary beauty that is Chick-fil-a.

As I waited in the traditionally long but fast-moving drive-thru line, I heard myself gratefully whisper, “Thank you, Jesus, for Chick-fil-a.” Then I sent a text to my hubby to tell him what I heard myself say because, well, I think he enjoys receiving random texts from me while he’s at work.

When my magical time came to pull forward, I ordered a bunch of the good stuff.  See Exhibit A below.

Chickfila pic
Exhibit A – food for seven people

When I arrived at the window with my debit card in hand, the cheerful employees informed me that since I was the 100th customer, my food was free! Free. FREE! I remembered what I had just thanked the Lord for, so I shared the story with the girls at the window. They were excited and commented, “You got a lot of food!” And they almost got some tears.

I couldn’t wait to get home to tell the story to my kids. Of course, they thought I was a little off when I came in the house and informed them that I had a story to tell and that I had to take a picture of the food before they ate it.

“Oh gosh, Mom.” “What did you do?” “Did you get pulled over?” (HUH?)

Then my oldest daughter asked if I paid for the order of the car behind me…Ahem, well, uh, no, but I did think about it afterwards.

So there are two things I would change about this experience. Number one, I would have also ordered sweet tea and cookies. And number two, I would have paid for the customer’s order behind me in line.

Janice Powell 2013


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