Merry Christmas and Happy Easter

What it was like for Jesus Christ to leave heaven and enter our sin-drenched world? I am sure this poem captures only a minuscule fragment of the magnitude of His cost. Dying was not His only sacrifice.

This is really a poem about Christmas and Easter, for He had to be born to die. He paid the price to be born so that He could pay the price of a sacrificial death and then live again. All so that we can die to sin, be born again, and live. Only God Most High would think of such a plan for our salvation.

Merry Christmas…and Happy Easter.

Which Cost You More?

I ponder the price You paid
For my sin, the Holy One betrayed.
You purchased my release
From bondage and brought me peace.

I urge my mind to fathom
What kind of love would pay sin’s price;
And wonder which cost You more,
Which was the greater sacrifice?

To die for me or to live for me?
Both surely pierced Your soul.
How dark and dreary was that road
From freedom to captivity?

From the Holy of Holies to human birth,
To walk this sin-steeped earth.
By love the curtain was torn:
You lived and died.  Which cost You more?

Was Your first breath of air tainted with sin
A hurtful reminder of where You had been?
The darkness of earth a cruel contrast
To Your glorious eternal past?

If I could comprehend how holy You are
I might know why You chose to die.
If I knew the depth of Your love for me
Perhaps I’d understand Calvary.

But more than that, I long to grasp
How You could leave Your throne
And live among us, suffering our sin
Dying daily, feeling alone.

Day after day, were Your steps subdued,
Your heart broken by the burden of sin?
Hurting always but loving enough
To bring forgiveness to its end.
To live or die,
Which cost You more?

Janice Powell 2013


2 thoughts on “Merry Christmas and Happy Easter

  1. Janice, this is so eloquent and poignant! What a profound and appropriate question you have asked. Parenthood can give us a bit of a glimpse of this love – but only a glimpse…

    Blessings ~ Wendy

  2. Thank you, Wendy. Since I actually wrote this back in 2002, I can’t remember exactly what caused me to ponder this subject. Seems like it was something I read in a Beth Moore book. And yes, parenting gives us a glimpse of His boundless love. Amazing! –J.

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