Groundhogs and Love

In honor of what would have been my parents’ 61st anniversary, I share this story again!

Words Beyond Me

I am about to make my mom cry. I will no doubt shed some tears myself before I get done with the telling. But I have to tell it because it’s a sweet, beautiful love story. And in 1963, it became my story.

Most people only think of February 2 as the day when a groundhog named Punxsutawney Phil pokes his head out so we can check if he sees his shadow, and somehow that predicts the weather. If the little rodent sees his shadow, we are headed into six more weeks of winter. If, however, he does not see his shadow, we can anticipate an early spring.

Way back in 1952, the groundhog did, in fact, see his shadow. But here’s something else that was seen on that day. It wasn’t on the news, nor did President Truman even catch a glimpse of it. Perhaps he should have, though…

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