Hang in There

The following selection is from Blissfully Blended – 365 Devotional Readings for Stepmoms, to which I contributed ten writings. When Barbour offered me the opportunity to write for this book, I wondered if I should since I am not a stepmom. But I felt the Lord encourage me to accept because His truth is applicable to anyone in any situation. Certainly, we all need to persevere.

My favorite definition of perseverance is the title of a book by Eugene Peterson – Perseverance: A Long Obedience in the Same Direction.  That definition has fueled my desire to keep going, to stay with it, to continue doing what I know I should, to be obedient, whether it is in marriage or parenting…or laundry…

Be blessed,



Perseverance must finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything. James 1:4 NIV

Every checkout line is stacked five deep with people who apparently haven’t bought groceries for a month.

With your mouth propped open unnaturally wide, you tolerate the shrill whine of the dentist’s drill.

You’re stuck as hundreds of cars slow to a crawl amid road construction at rush hour.

What do you do? You hang in there; you tolerate; you endure.

That’s perseverance:  patiently enduring until you “get there.” And remembering the final result makes the enduring possible. To patiently endure the long checkout line, you remember you like having food in the pantry. To survive the stint in the dentist’s chair, you remind yourself of the benefits of healthy teeth. To get through the traffic jam, you keep in mind your destination.

Whether you are experiencing difficulties with the blending of your family or wondering how you can even face another day, remember your destination. In Christ’s power, you can keep going; you can persevere so that you will “be mature and complete, not lacking anything.” Consider today your starting line, look ahead to your finish line when you are “mature and complete” in Christ, and determine in Him to stay in the race and finish well. The prize will be more than worth the price.

Faithful Father, please help me to keep on going, to keep my eye on the prize of spiritual maturity and completeness in You. Thank You for running this race with me. Amen.

(Copyright 2010, Barbour Publishing, Inc. Used by permission.)


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