How Dare We?

flagMy church’s drama department presented an amazing play last night depicting George Washington and the spiritual heritage of our nation. I was crying within the first few minutes before the drama even began as the different military branches were recognized and veterans of each stood for recognition. Were he still living, my own father would deserve the appreciation for his valiant service in World War II.

Patriotic anything makes me choke up, partly because I so appreciate the freedom we enjoy and those who have paid the price to keep us free. But I also weep because our nation has drifted so far from its roots that it sometimes seems impossible to return. When I hear the song “God Bless America” I can barely stand it. How dare we ask God to bless this nation when we reject God, evict Him from our schools, cry foul when He is mentioned in any public forum, and, horror of all horrors, protect the killing of unborn babies!

As I watched the program tonight, and somewhat held myself together while listening to “God Bless America,” I thought that maybe we can get away with asking the Lord to bless us, but not by giving us more. By bringing revival.

Let us humbly ask Him to bless us by drawing us to Him, by forgiving our apathy and inaction, by turning the hearts of our leaders to Him, and by reversing the direction our nation is headed. May He grant us mercy and perform such a miracle of transformation and restoration in our hearts and in our country.

God, in your boundless grace and infinite mercy, please bless America.

Janice Powell 2013

(Original flag artwork is acrylic on canvas by my daughter, but edited by me for use on my Facebook page Blessed is the Nation.)


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