My Sister is ___! – A Birthday Poem

Today’s my only sister’s birthday, so I wrote her a poem and shared it with her on Facebook. She wanted a “dislike” button, but I can’t figure out why. After all, I left out her age…

This sister of mine is now ___
I can’t tell her age, but it’s eight more than mine~
Someone her age might not be so fine
With my blabbing the years that have gathered behind.

Between young and old there is a fine line
She hasn’t quite crossed it, but just give her time
Cause ___’s a comin’, and that’s a good sign
She’s blown out the candles nearly five dozen times.

Happy birthday, dearest sister of mine
There’s not a thing wrong with ___~
No need to complain or lament and whine
It just means you’ve lived a very, very long time!

Janice Powell 2013


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