The Night Before Everything Changed

Christmas Eve.

The night before everything would change. The night before the Son of God would enter our world.

sky photo editThe night before His appearance to man as a man.

But first, a baby.

No one knew it was the eve of the Savior’s birth. No one knew all was about to change, that God Himself would again walk among men.

But that first He would crawl.

The righteous God, the very One who fashioned human flesh, humbly slipped it on as a robe.

And chose to experience the miraculous indignity of human birth.

To become like us.

Baby Jesus editAnd yet, still God.

The very God of all creation was to be born in a stable.

Nativity editA humble haven for Heaven’s greatest gift.

Held in the arms of frail humans chosen to raise the Son.

bigstock-Christmas-Baby-8346997The Son who would one day be raised from death.

bigstock-The-hands-of-the-religious-man-42717298And who would raise them.

If the world would have known it was the eve of the Savior’s arrival, would it have done something to prepare?

Would it have slowed its frenzied pace, lain aside its selfishness and its worries, and fallen on its knees in expectation, wonder, and worship?

Would it have made room?

As we prepare to celebrate the birth of the King of Kings, His stepping down from eternal glory to earthly humility, let us remember the privilege we have of knowing.

Knowing that Messiah has come and that He is coming again.

And may every heart make room.

Janice Powell 2013


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