The Worry List

I made a list of all my cares
And gave it to the Lord.
He said to me, “I’ll handle these.
But come on, I know there’s more.”

So I thought about it long and hard
And realized He was right
And wrote more worries on my list
Long into the night.

When I finished once again
I said, “I’m done this time.”
He said to me, “There’s one more thing
That’s sure to ease your mind.

“You must remember you gave to Me
Every single care
And upon My back I carry them-
I hardly feel them there.

“For these worries are light to Me,
My power you do not know.
There’s nothing I can’t do for you,
I’ve conquered every foe.

“For when I hung upon that cross,
Your guilt becoming Mine,
I took your place and died your death
To free you for all time.

“And when they put Me in the grave,
It could not hold Me there!
I came to life to give you life,
Your burdens I will bear.

“So walk in freedom, child of Mine,
Released from every care,
For if you listed what I cannot do
There’d be not one thing there.”

Now I look at my Lord’s face,
And see His love for me,
And know that all He said is true,
That He bought my victory.

Whatever worries come to me
I know they can’t exceed
The power that my Jesus holds-
Much more than I could need.

All my cares I give to Him-
They’re not mine anymore.
I’ll trust His power and love for me
And not worry like before.

Janice Powell 2013


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