I love sappy stories. I love heart wrenching stories. Those videos where soldiers come home and surprise their families and everyone screams and cries and squeezes the daylights out of each other? Love. Stories where the underdog wins? They get me every time. Stories about children surprising their mom with a clean house and dinner? Oh, my heart. Especially if it happened here. Someone please tell my kids to read my blog.

Anyway, judging from the great number of such videos and stories circulating on the internet, there must be a whole lot of people out there who are also suckers for sap. Emotional sponges soaking up the happiness and joy of others. People looking for a little light in the darkness.

Yes, we love good stories. Happy stories. Joyful stories. They fill up an empty spot somewhere inside of us and soothe our hearts. Like hot chocolate by a warm fire on a frigid winter night.

They remind us that humanity isn’t all bad, that we’re not a lost cause.

That there is hope.

But the story that should really get to us is the story of Immanuel. The story of when God decided to send Jesus to earth as a baby so that God with us could show us how to be with God.

The story of all stories.

When He could have accomplished His coming any way He chose, the King of kings, the owner of everything, chose a poor stable, a poor manger, a poor human.

The Eternal God, the Creator of the universe, chose a human body in which to dwell to show Himself to man. And to draw man to Himself.

What a demotion for God! But what a promotion for man!

Jesus Christ, the great I AM, the Messiah, entered our realm, breathed our air, experienced our human emotions, felt our pain, took our sins.

Talk about a story!

Oh, how I wish the innkeeper would have had a smart phone. How I wish the Jewish teachers who were amazed at 12-year-old Jesus’ understanding of Scripture would have recorded the moments for us. Surely it would go viral!

If only the parents whose children Jesus healed would have had a twitter. #deadsonisalive #Jesusraisedmydaughterfromdeath #crazynakedmanmadewell #HeisLord

If only the untouchable lepers who were made whole by the only God who heals could have posted some before and after pictures. They would spread like, well, leprosy.

Talk about a story!

The story of Jesus is the ultimate feel good story:


#crazy #whowoulddothat #onlyJesus

Believers have the best story to tell, a story with the most dramatic plot, the most loving story line, and the greatest, all-powerful Superhero ever.

The story of Christmas. Go, tell it on the uh, social media, over the hills and everywhere.

If any story should be trending, it is this one.


Janice Powell 2013


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