Pray for America

Merciful Lord, You are God Most High and are sovereign over all creation. We offer You honor and praise and glory!

We beg Your forgiveness for whatever part we have played in our nation’s descent into the pit of sin. We ask for forgiveness for our own personal sins as well as for the sins of our nation.

We ask You to bring revival such has never happened before in our land, and we ask for the courage and perseverance we will need to endure such a move of Your mighty hand.

We understand that as You are able to exalt men, You are also able to humble them. We ask You to do that among us, Lord. Humble those who have exalted themselves and exalt those who are humble.

We ask that You lift up Your people who are currently serving in government and bless them with extra boldness, wisdom, and discernment.

We ask you to raise up leaders who lead from a heart of servanthood and out of a true desire to know Your will and see it done in our land.

We ask that You move mightily in the hearts of all the godless ones in power, that they would fall on their faces before You in repentance.

We ask You to “move the heart of the king” toward Your purposes as You did King Cyrus. We ask that You open this president’s eyes to Your truth and humble him.

We ask You to surround him with bold, articulate believers who will speak the truth to him.

We ask You to replace his heart of stone with a heart of flesh.

Almighty Father, we thank You that we can come boldly to the throne of grace, and that whatever we ask for in Your name and according to Your will, we will receive.

It is in the only saving and all-powerful name of Jesus Christ that we ask all these things, and we thank You for hearing and answering our prayers.


Janice Powell 2014


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