Ode to KayKay on the Occasion of her 18th Birthday

“That one’s got a mischievous glint”
My neighbor said to me~
You could see it in her eyes,
Her spunk and creativity.

Three years old and her own boss,
Pointed her finger and said,
“You’re the meanest one!” to me
And marched herself to bed.

Climbed up the stairs to the stage,
Didn’t need her mama’s help~
Shook her head as if to say,
“I can do this by myself!”

A church program for July 4th
She sang You’re a Grand Old Flag.
She’d sung it many times before,
But she pronounced it fwag.

Sang The Star-Spangled Banner, too,
On the stage that summer day~
A bit of trouble with some of the words,
But finished and marched away.

“Don’t roll your eyes at me, young lady!”
I said to her one day.
Ok, I’ve said it many times,
But this time she explained it away:

“I didn’t roll my eyes at you!”
Like I didn’t see it at all~
Then she turned and exclaimed to me,
“I just expanded my eyeballs!”

She’s forever been the kind of girl
To do things her own way~
Drawing, painting, funny cartoons,
She’s brought much laughter to our days.

She’s 18 now, my fourth child,
The years raced by so fast.
Strange to realize her childhood years
Have quickly become the past.

Happy birthday, dear daughter of mine,
Enjoy your special day~
And may the years ahead of you
Be marvelous in every way~

As you follow the Lord and seek His will
To do and not your own,
He’ll direct your steps on His path,
And you’ll never walk alone.

For He knows the beat you march to,
He understands your way~
Because He put that beat inside your heart
And He’ll use you every day.

Janice Powell 2014


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