Dumpster Diving for Jesus

You know, I’m not a pessimist. I am usually an almost annoying optimist, which is why when I first saw the trailer for Noah, I was somewhat excited about it. My mistake was to forget momentarily that looking for a wholesome movie to come out of Hollywood is like hoping to find a five-course gourmet meal in an alley dumpster. It’s just not going to happen. Sure, you might find remnants of the gourmet meal, but it won’t much resemble the original, nor be very appetizing or safe to eat. And chances are it will be completely rotten.

I think that we Christians want so badly to squeeze some morsel of “biblical symbolism” out of a secular film, but what’s the point? Why are we looking to Hollywood to confirm our faith when Hollywood should be looking to us to find theirs?

Janice Powell 2014




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