When God says take sandwiches, you take sandwiches…

Sometimes I have a slight inkling there is something I should do or say. And sometimes there is an undeniable prodding, kind of like a shove. Like last week.

My long time friends had come to a hospital close to our town for their adult son to undergo a serious surgery. Late in the afternoon, I was heading to the hospital to see them and had fixed a sandwich to eat on the way. However, before I pulled out of my driveway, I felt the Lord nudge me to fix a couple of sandwiches for them.

So I scurried back in the house, and minutes later I left, armed with two turkey sandwiches and some chips.

A few miles from the hospital, I pulled off the interstate onto a city street to wait at an intersection I had been through multiple times. As I drove, I had recalled the possible necessity of awkwardly avoiding eye contact with the often present panhandlers on this corner. Sure enough, to my left, sitting dejectedly against the street sign was a hopeless, homeless-looking man.

When the poor old fellow raised his head, I gave him a semi-smile–you know the one that if you check a mirror while you’re “smiling” you realize it doesn’t resemble a smile at all. It’s just not a frown. After the sort of smile, God spoke. He said, “Give him a sandwich.” I debated with myself for a few seconds (Was that God? Am I brave enough?) while the light was still red, and thought how timely it was that I had, of all things, sandwiches with me. Then I felt such a deep, compelling need to give the guy a sandwich.

The light would soon change to green and it was now or never.

Without analyzing further, I lowered the window and said, “I have a sandwich. Would you like a sandwich?” The man struggled to stand and shuffled the few feet over to my car. When I handed him the sandwich, I think he said, “Bless you,” but his speech was slurred. Whether he was mentally deficient or drunk, I don’t know, and I don’t suppose it matters. I knew I was supposed to give him a sandwich so I did.

The light turned green at that moment and I pulled away. At the hospital, I discovered my friends’ son was ravenously hungry due to steroid treatment and not having eaten for several hours. As soon as the doctor gave the okay, he wolfed down my other sandwich.

I don’t tell this story in order to flash a look-what-I-did sign. It’s just that I thought I knew who those turkey sandwiches were for. But God knew who He intended to receive them, and they were gifts from His hand. I just had the sweet privilege of delivering them.

I don’t know the eternal value of two turkey sandwiches. But to the individuals who received what they needed when they needed it, those two sandwiches were probably priceless.

And my God will supply all your needs according to His riches in glory in Christ Jesus. Philippians 4:19 NAS


Janice Powell 2014



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