Lord, give me everything I want!

delight yourself JPGI think it’s tempting to latch on to the last half of this verse and expect the Lord to give us everything we want when we haven’t truly delighted ourselves in Him. The word “if” is not in the verse, but the verse is still conditional.

If we don’t delight in Him, if we don’t find our true joy and happiness in knowing Him, then the desires of our hearts won’t be in line with what is best for us. But if we do put Him first, we will find that our desires will match His desires for us, and He will gladly give us what we ask.

Do you delight in the Lord? What are the desires of your heart? Find your joy in Him first, then watch Him generously bless you with your deepest heart’s desires.

Janice Powell 2014

Photo credit: My daughter

Flower credit: My green-thumbed sister friend

Verse credit: New American Standard Bible


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