What If Right Now is All You Have?

I think we all do it. We look ahead to what’s next instead of living in this moment right here. It seems cliché, but this is really the only moment we know we have, this now.

Imagine how much worrying we could cut out of our lives if we just focused on the here and now. Imagine how much we could enjoy our children if we let go of the worry of what parenting trial we might have to face in the future. Imagine how productive and fulfilling this very moment could be if we were truly focused on it. Imagine!

We need to make the most of now because in an instant, this now will be history. To make the most of now, we should pour ourselves into it. Then, when we look back on today, this hour, this minute, we will be content with what we see. Because we will know that we lived it to the fullest.

Treasure the moments JPG


“So do not worry about tomorrow; for tomorrow will care for itself.” ~Jesus, Matthew 6:34

Janice Powell 2014

Photo credit: Microsoft


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