If you were in a burning building, I would forcefully drag you out.

Some of my blog posts are a result of my responding to updates or comments on Facebook. This one stemmed from a post that negatively referred to those with morals and also called conservatives homophobes. The person also declared that pertaining to government, all we need are “sound money” and “personal liberty”, but with the implications that liberty means doing whatever you want, that whatever you want to do is fine, and that it doesn’t affect anyone else. She also indicated that no “left/right paradigm” or “Puritan values” are necessary, and whatever you do, don’t force your views on anyone else.

I couldn’t let it go. Here is my response.

Please consider that there is no personal liberty without morals. Sin causes bondage and destruction, and destroys true liberty, not only for the person committing the sin, but for those impacted by it. Think of the person who commits adultery and shatters his or her children’s lives, or the corporate climber who embezzles and gets convicted and jailed, leaving his family in the lurch. Our individual actions affect others. We are not islands unto ourselves.

As for conservatives being “homophobes”, I cannot speak for all conservatives, but I, for one, am not afraid of homosexuals. I am afraid for them since they are willfully living in sin and will be judged for it. Not only are they hurting themselves and others here, but they are committing sin that brings death and punishment for eternity (1 Corinthians 6:9-11).

There has to be a line between right and wrong, therefore there has to be a line demarcating political philosophies. We simply cannot agree on everything. If nothing is right or wrong, then everything is either right or wrong. Is child molestation right or wrong? Is adultery right or wrong? Is hacking up a baby right or wrong? Of course there has to be a line between right and wrong, based on morals given to us by our Creator. Even a sinful soul can recognize some behaviors as right and some as wrong. My daughter tells me that at the jail, the child molesters are in a separate pod because otherwise the other inmates would attack them. Even a murderer knows child molestation is wrong.

In this world of confusion and relativism, I find great comfort in knowing that I can know and trust the unchangeable God of the Bible and His laws through the person of Jesus Christ. He is the Rock upon which I can plant my feet and secure my eternity, and a lifeline to which I can cling in troubled times.

How does this apply to politics and government? Either without morals upon which to base decisions will result in, at best, failed policies, and at worst, a society where anything goes and no one is safe or free.

Libertarians’ war cry is personal liberty. God is the source of true liberty and following His rules in a relationship with Jesus Christ is true freedom:

And I will walk at liberty, For I seek Your precepts. Psalm 119:45

So if the Son makes you free, you will be free indeed. John 8:36

If sharing this with you is considered forcing my views on you, then so be it. Consider that if you were in a burning building, I would be quite forceful in helping you get out safely. And I would think that as you watched from the safety of the sidewalk with my arm around you and the building crumbled and fell to the ground in a heap of ashes, you would then appreciate what I had done for you.

Janice Powell 2014


2 thoughts on “If you were in a burning building, I would forcefully drag you out.

  1. What exactly does “forcing your views on me” mean? This is an often repeated phrase that in realty is impossible. I might be able to make you “do something” but I can’t make you believe anything no matter how big my stick is! If it were really possible to force views on someone, wouldn’t the conflict be over?
    What the repeaters of this phrase often mean is, “I don’t want to hear what you say and I don’t want to discuss it. However, you must listen to me and you must repeat my words as truth. “

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