Soup, Salad, and Nothing Really Spiritual

I updated this recipe!

Words Beyond Me

Update 2014: I have since discovered that using baked potatoes gives this soup a thicker texture, reduces actual cooking time, and is just easier because cooked potatoes are easier to peel and cube. So next time you make baked potatoes, cook an extra five pounds and save them for this soup. Instructions for both versions are included.

It happened in August of last year. I fixated on potato broccoli soup.

I made some. Then I made it again. And again. Apparently my goal was to make it as hearty fattening as possible. But oh, it’s tasty. To alleviate some of the guilt about the fat content, serve the soup with a huge, dark green salad and a hunk of whole grain bread. It might help.

I will post a few pictures of the cooking process just for the sheer beauty of the subject.

Please note that nearly every amount listed…

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