Dear Ferguson Protestors

Dear Ferguson Protestors:

This Thanksgiving, perhaps you could focus on what you have been given, rather than what you perceive has been taken from you.

Perhaps you could look outside of yourselves and understand how your actions perpetuate the stereotype you purport to despise.

Perhaps you could consider how you have allowed bitterness to consume your souls.

Perhaps you could look up and ask the God of Heaven to forgive your sin, heal your hearts, and restore your community.

This Thanksgiving, perhaps you could just be grateful.

For a grateful heart has no room for anger or bitterness.

A grateful heart is not concerned with getting but with giving.

A grateful heart respects, honors, and loves others.

A grateful heart does not embrace a victim mentality.

A grateful heart is humble and generous.

A grateful heart desires justice and peace.

So try gratefulness. You’ll find it to be much more effective than anger and bitterness and hate.

Janice Powell 2014


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