So What if the Cats Have Destroyed the Tree? It’s Christmas!

Sherman Tree
Exhibit A

It’s Christmas Eve “Eve”, the cats have wreaked havoc on the tree (Exhibit A), the house is messy (actually, a disaster), all the presents haven’t arrived yet, and I don’t know for sure what we’re having for our Christmas day meal.

But it’s OK. The first Christmas wasn’t perfect either.

A young girl, pregnant under scandalous circumstances, traveled back to her birth place, only to discover no one had room for her or her baby. A baby whom many would never believe was the Son of God and that she and Joseph were innocent of any wrong doing. A baby who was the One God sent to show the world His love and to save the world from His wrath. A baby whose birth changed the calendar, changed history, and changes hearts that are willing to be changed.

Because of that first Christmas when nothing was perfect except the baby, we can have joy in all the messes and madness of the season. It matters not that the top lights on the tree have been sabotaged (Exhibit B) and all the ornaments are scattered on the floor (sorry, no pictures of my messy floor), that the house is far from being magazine photo ready, or that every single detail of our celebration is not lined out. Those are all first world “problems” anyway.

Exhibit B

What matters is that we truly know the One whose birth we celebrate. What matters is remembering that, just as at the first Christmas, our surroundings don’t have to be perfect for Christ to come. He delights in us, messes and all.

Merry Christmas!

Janice Powell 2014



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