Dear Lord, hear my prayer for my daughters…

Daughter prayerGrowing up mostly in the 60s and 70s and a little in the 80s was challenging, well, because growing up is challenging. Sometimes it even stinks. Morphing from a carefree child into an awkward teenager who thinks she is the only weird, insecure person on the planet is tough on the psyche. (I may or may not have revealed some personal information there.)

But I think today’s kids have it even worse. So much more garbage is thrown at them as the world screams its lies louder and louder. I don’t know for sure if it’s more difficult for girls or for boys these days because I can only truly empathize with girls since I am one. I do know that boys face many struggles, too. However, our five daughters are on my mind today. I think of them and ask the Lord to do these things on behalf of each one:

When she does her work, make it great.

When she drives, keep her safe.

If she is in danger, shield her.

If she becomes sick, minister to her.

When she is in good health, help her to be grateful.

If she is wrongly accused, defend her.

When she commits sin, convict and restore her.

When she thinks, give her pure and holy thoughts.

When she lays down to sleep, make it sweet.

When she dreams, make her dream of you.

When she thinks of the future, make it bright.

When she seeks a friend, make it a godly one.

When she seeks a husband, bring her a man whose heart belongs to you.

When she looks in a mirror, show her beauty.

When the world screams lies, make your voice heard.

If she feels empty, fill her.

When she experiences joy, help her know you are the source.

When she feels sad, comfort her heart.

If she is hurting, heal her wounds.

If she feels lost, let her know she is never lost to you.

If she is fearful, give her peace.

If she is confused, give her clarity.

If she feels unsure, give her confidence.

When she needs advice, help her search your Word for answers.

If she feels insignificant, remind her of the sparrows.

When she needs direction, order her steps.

When her plans get changed, help her trust your hand.

When she is discouraged, lift her up.

When she feels insecure, wrap her in your strong arms.

If she turns away from you, show her you are still there.

When she cannot take another step, carry her.

When she feels alone, shower her with companionship.

When she laughs, let me hear it.

When she cries, gather her tears in your bottle.

When she feels unloved, consume her with your perfect love.

When she becomes angry, help her resolve it.

If she is offended, teach her forgiveness.

When she doubts your presence, make it known.

When she doesn’t understand your ways, help her trust you anyway.

When her energy is sapped, renew it.

When her faith is weak, rebuild it.

When she lacks belief, restore it.

And when she encounters another who is now where she has been, help her share your hope. In Jesus’ name.



Janice Powell 2015



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