What I Want in a President

When I think of qualities I want in a President, I realize that who I really want is Jesus. So, since He’s got other plans, I find it necessary to lower the bar and settle on some mere human with these priorities and beliefs:

1. Someone who is absolutely 100% pro-life, from the womb to the tomb.

2. Someone who believes in and will defend biblical values regarding marriage and family.

3. A wise person with leadership and government experience who is humble enough to seek counsel from other wise people when needed.

4. Someone who is supportive of and appreciative of our military, including our veterans and our wounded warriors.

5. Someone who loves America and will voraciously defend our Constitution.

6. Someone who stands with Israel and against America’s enemies.

7. Someone who is trustworthy.

8. Someone who will choose a Vice President who doesn’t act like a buffoon.

How about you? What kind of person would you like to see in the Oval Office?

Janice Powell 2015



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