So It’s Earth Day – What’s the Big Deal?

Yes, this earth is a big deal. After all, it’s our home and our workplace and our vacation spot. It’s where we spend all of our time, money, and energy. We eat its food, drink its water, breathe its air. Earth is a big deal.

Earth jpg

But Earth is not the biggest deal. It’s not the worship-it-because-it’s-so-cool-and-more-important-than-people kind of deal. Rather, it’s the look-at-this-amazing-earth-God-created-and-worship-Him kind of deal.

God fashioned this beautiful, intimidating, mysterious, ingenious earth for us to enjoy and to see His hand in it all. To cause us to look around so that we would look up.

Psalm 19 1To worship not the created things, but the Creator of all things. And that is the biggest deal of all.

With that in mind, I bid you a Happy Earth Day.

Janice Powell 2015



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