LORD, hear our prayer for America

LORD, we humbly ask for forgiveness for our sins and for mercy in the consequences for those sins.

We thank You that we are still here even though You have had every right to destroy us long before now.

We ask You to do a work in our nation abundantly beyond what we can ask or imagine.

We ask You to bring revival.

We ask You to help us stand against the enemy.

We ask You to pour out wisdom where there is foolishness, safety where there is danger, peace where there is fear, and hope where there is none.

We ask You to move in hearts that don’t know You and work in minds that are far from You.

We believe according to Your Word that all things are Your servants and that You are sovereign over the affairs of men.

We trust that You are working all things together for the good of Your people and for Your glory.

Pour out on us, Holy Spirit, and change us, grow us, and encourage us.

We plead with You to rescue us from this evil that has settled on our land and embolden us to take back what the enemy has stolen.

We ask You to reshape us into a nation that can once again be a beacon of hope and liberty and light to the world.

In Jesus’ all powerful name and for His fame, amen.


Janice Powell 2015



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