We’re All Judges

We’re all judges.

We make judgments continually. We have laws against certain behaviors and actions because they are wrong. Robbery and murder and speeding and drug dealing and extortion and embezzlement, etc., are all illegal because they are wrong.

So how does it happen that I can assert that any one of these behaviors is wrong and condemned by God and not encounter a social and political backlash, but if I state that homosexuality is wrong and condemned by God, the outcry is deafening? Am I judging a murderer by stating that murder is wrong? Am I condemning a thieving soul to Hell simply by stating that stealing is wrong? Am I portraying a holier than thou attitude by asserting that dealing drugs is wrong?

Our laws are based on a sense of right and wrong. How did the line between the two become so blurred?

Soon that line could be completely erased. All it takes is for more and more people to justify their particular sin and to pressure others to condone it, and for those who disagree to roll over and play dead. Then suddenly we will have a society where anything goes.

Employers will be forced to hire murderers and thieves and child molesters. That seems ridiculous and unthinkable now, but consider how far down the slope of wishy-washy, it’s-all-gray-area, moral relativism we’ve already flung ourselves. 

If no one speaks up, if those who know the truth fearfully turn a blind eye, if evil is allowed to flourish unrestrained, the absolute bottom of the pit is dangerously near. Change the name to Sodom, run for your lives, and don’t look back.

Sweet Jesus, dare we ask for mercy? But we must, for without it we are doomed. Grant us mercy, Lord! Give us the courage and discernment we must have to live our lives according to your truth in these times. As the enemy who knows his time is limited escalates the battle, empower us with the assurance that the war is already won in You. Help us to stand against evil, fully armored in salvation, righteousness, truth, faith, and peace. Amen.

Janice Powell 2015


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