A Million Whys

I have learned to stop asking why in my home. Like why there is trash on the floor right beside the trash can, why I have to flush all the toilets, why a tube of medicine came through the ice dispenser, why I have 97 plastic lids to containers that got left in the yard months ago, why anyone would ever leave the milk sitting on the counter ever, why there was tomato sauce in my file cabinet, why no one sees the dirty dishes but me (and my oldest daughter still at home), and why it’s easier to jumble up one’s clothes and lose them rather than put them where they go. It’s just because these are kids and that’s what kids do.

Then I think of what’s going on in our country these days, and I want to ask a million whys. Like these:

Why is it legal to murder unborn babies?

Why was there not more outrage over these murdered babies until we realized their parts were being sold?

Why do men want to be women and women want to be men?

Why do companies pander to social deviants?

Why are Christians targeted for harassment and persecution when the godless and those of other religions, especially Muslims, are put on a pedestal?

Why is the regular media so bent on spreading lies?

Why is our military disarmed?

Why are so many people blind to the truth about Obama and his kind?

Why does the President want to destroy our country?

Why do those in power deal with terrorists and give them what they want?

Why did anyone on God’s green earth vote for Barack Hussein Obama? Or Donald Trump? Or Hillary Clinton? Or Bernie Sanders?

Then I remember that these times we are in are evil and that’s what evil does.

And gratefully I remember that evil’s time is almost up. One day soon it will be vanquished, and the King of kings will reign in majesty. Forever. Then all our questions will be answered. Or they won’t matter anymore. Praise God.

Janice Powell 2016 (Updated)



2 thoughts on “A Million Whys

  1. Evil is now called good and good is now called evil. Those who belong to God will be enabled with courage to speak out and contend for the faith.

    1. Hi Sylvia, Even though I know it’s all happening just as God said, it’s still so frustrating and heartbreaking… Thanks for reading and commenting. ~Janice

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