The Class of Being Mature

While cleaning up my school room, I came across my oldest daughter’s advice to one of her little sisters who is 5 1/2 years younger. This treasure chest of information was written in a composition notebook 10-12 years ago. These girls are now 24 and 19. I wonder how mature they’ll be when they discover I’ve written about them on my blog…

Note: I made a few spelling and punctuation corrections to make the meaning more clear. Or because I was her teacher…

Here is big sister’s Class of Being Mature:

No blowing kisses under any circumstances!

No chewing your cheeks, just gum!

Skirts go just below the knee or less unless it is rude.

No spitting.

Say OK when someone tells you no then go to your room and pout if you must.

Play with boys your age or girls within 3 years of you.

Hair must not be parted in the middle.

If worn in a pony tail, it must not be slicked back.

Wash face every night.

Ten sit-ups morning and night.

Do not take stuffed animals ANYWHERE!!!

If you want to get in trouble don’t throw a fit just roll your eyes.

Don’t give anybody blank looks.

When someone is excited on the phone be excited with them or be the mood they are in unless they are bored.

When there is a silent moment fill it in with stuff about them.

No wiping sweat on people.

No rude jokes.


Janice Powell 2015



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