A Different Way

Another school year has begun
Summer’s gone away~
Kids are filling up the chairs
Of classrooms every day.

Perhaps some parents celebrate
Their empty homes with glee
But not this mom because I like
My children home with me.

Our summer isn’t over yet
For we tell it when to end
And we decide when we would like
Our school days to begin.

We watch the buses drive right on by
If we’re even up by then
And thank the Lord for these kids
And the freedom to homeschool them.

Many people don’t understand
And think we’re pretty weird
But that’s okay because we see
That what’s not known is feared.

Perhaps you could try to see
That what we want to do
Is raise our kids up in the Lord
Which makes us just like you.

Like you, we love the kids God gave
But choose a different way
To have more time to spend with them
And make the most of each precious day.

When we look back we’ll have regrets-
Parents always do.
But one of them for sure won’t be
Keeping them home for school.

Janice Powell 2015



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