The Dark Room

You sit in a dark room. You’ve been in here awhile and it seems to have gotten darker over time. So dark. You’ve tried to find your way around the room, your way out of the room, but have stumbled and fallen so many times. Tripped over obstacles. Skinned your knees. Fallen on your face. So you sink to the floor and decide it’s not worth trying again. It’s not worth the pain. Besides, the door is locked.

You are trapped. You see no way out.

But one day someone opens the door and throws in a glow stick. As the door closes, you hear the lock click into place. You dejectedly snap the glow stick and stare at its neon light until your eyelids droop and you fall asleep. When you awake, the glow has faded away.

It was nice while it lasted.

Then someone tosses in a stub of a candle and one match. Click goes the lock on the door. But there is nothing to strike the match on so the candle sits unused. You sit, helpless, hopeless, in the dark.

Then someone throws in a flashlight. Click. You push the button but nothing happens. It feels too light, too empty. No batteries. No source of power. Useless.

Someone slides another object in to the room. You scramble toward the sound and pick it up. You realize it’s a book. You want to read it. But there is no light. Only darkness. And a locked door.

Then one day -or is it night?- as you are huddled up in a corner with the book clutched to your chest, someone walks in and grasps you by the hand. You struggle to your feet and follow her. Somehow she leads you safely around the obstacles scattered throughout the room.

Finally, you think, I’m leaving this lonely, terrifying room. But instead of going through the door, the woman leads you to the wall and places your hand on a switch. She encourages you to turn it on. You flip the switch on and suddenly the room lights up.

As your eyes adjust to the brightness, you look around the room. Radiating from the center of the room, there is pure, bright light.

The room had felt so small before. Now you see that it’s spacious. You see that there are obstacles strewn about on the floor, but in the light they’re not nearly as daunting as they felt in the dark. Now you can see how to step around them. Or to kick them out of the way. To avoid the injury and pain.

In your lightThe light is beautiful.

The woman who helped you find the light switch leads you toward the source of the light. As you come closer to its radiance, you look behind you and notice your shadow shrinking. You see all the shadows fading. The light becomes brighter.

You stop directly under the light. You realize the book you are clinging to is your Bible. You hadn’t seen it for awhile. You open it because now you can see to read it. And the light becomes even brighter. There are no longer any shadows. No darkness. All is illumined.

God is light

The light wraps itself around you. Pours into you. Shines inside of you, illuminating your wounds and heartache. Your pain and regret. This light gently and gloriously reveals all.

But you find you are not ashamed. You discover that as the light shines on your pain, the hurt fades away. The regret becomes renewal. A fresh start. The pain becomes passion. A chance to learn. To grow. To help someone else.

To live again.

heals the brokenheartedThe light is beautiful.

You want to stay here in this light. But now there is someone else holding out his hand to you, beckoning you to follow him. You take a step. You realize the light stays with you. That this person holding your hand is the light. You cling tightly to his hand. You feel a wound, a scar. But it’s his, not yours.

For yours have become his.

He leads you out of the room that for so long held you captive. He shows you springtime sun and brilliant flowers, green pastures and still waters. The beauty you’ve been missing in the dark.

And you rest.

Then one day he takes your hand and leads you to a door. He hands you a key. When you open the door and peek in to the darkness, you see a figure huddled in the corner. You step into the room and take her hand…

Comfort as we ourselves

Janice Powell 2015

Note: If you do not know Jesus as Savior, if you have never confessed your sins and repented of them, that is the first step in healing and deliverance.

If we confess our sins, He is faithful and righteous to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness. 1 John 1:9

For You, Lord , are good, and ready to forgive, And abundant in lovingkindness to all who call upon You. Psalm 86:5

Scriptures taken from the New American Standard Bible.


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