Dear Halloween

knows what is in the darknessDear Halloween,

Not even you, with all your skeletons and ghouls and zombies and fake blood, can take away the joy I find in the cool, crisp beauty of October.

You cannot steal the peace I find in God’s faithful changing of the seasons.

And you cannot hamper the anticipation I feel for hot chocolate, fuzzy socks, and good books by a warm fire.

So go ahead, try to ruin the month with darkness and death and pretend it’s all fun and games. But I will not join you.

Instead, I will joyously celebrate each day’s hope-filled sunrise and exquisitely painted sunset.

I will rejoice each moment that death has no hold on me because Jesus conquered it for me.

And I will victoriously pass by your dark, grotesque costumes and revel in the fact that I am wrapped in Christ’s pure white robe of righteousness.

He reigns! In October and forever.

Janice Powell 2015


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