Are You in a Dead Church?

Dead church verseA church where you aren’t convicted and drawn to the Savior but are merely entertained and pacified is a dead church.

If you mainly hear fluff and no meat, the positives of following Christ and none of the hardships, it is a dead church. A dead church preaching a false gospel.

If you walk out of church feeling pretty good about yourself instead of a humble recognition of your own unworthiness and a passion for the lost, that church is dead. (Or maybe you are.)

If you don’t hear the words “sin” or “wrong” or how God despises sin, how our holy God cannot look upon sin, how God Most High gave His only Son to bear our sins because we are sinners and we can’t make it to Heaven any other way but through Jesus, that church is dead.

If you hear only that Jesus is your friend but not much about how desperately you need Him as your Savior, it is a dead church.

If the Holy Spirit is not invited to work freely in every heart because of time constraints or policy mandates, you are in a dead church.

If the church you are in is dead, pray it back to life. If it refuses to live, walk away. Find a church or create one that is alive with the power of the Holy Spirit. I don’t mean theatrics or speaking in tongues or people falling over. I mean a place where GOD is in control, not people. A place where the Holy Spirit is welcome to do whatever needs doing because God has everyone’s attention and no one is watching the clock or thinking about lunch. A place where worship is led by the Spirit and is not only music. A place where hearts are broken in repentance and put back together by forgiveness at the foot of the cross.

Worship. Truth. Conviction. Repentance. The real Jesus. These are what you will find in a church that is alive. This is what the church should be.

Janice Powell 2015


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