Say there was a religion that called for the killing of all who weren’t adherents to said religion.

Say that proponents of said religion live in a country that prides itself on constitutional protection of religious rights.

Say that many people in said country believe that most adherents of said religion are fine people and nice friends who should have the right to practice their religion.

Say that an adherent of said religion actually reads his or her entire “holy book” and learns that he or she is to kill innocent people in the name of his or her god.

Say that hundreds and thousands of adherents of said religion one day decide to fulfill their purposes and eliminate nonbelievers.

Say that the followers of said religion are especially fond of chopping off the heads of those who reject said religion.

Say that the nice follower of said religion whom you know joins the ranks of his or her fellow adherents and beheads one or several of your loved ones.

Then what will you say?

Maybe that said religion isn’t peaceful after all, but is in fact a murderous, anti-God crusade bent upon destroying everyone and everything you hold dear?

Say it. Say it often. Say it until the culture listens: Islam is evil. Followers of Islam are walking time bombs. Literally. But sometimes they prefer knives and guns.

Janice Powell 2015



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