Deception, Discernment, and Division

Deception has a dastardly way of developing division. The deceived deceive and those who are deceived by the deceit decide the discerning are deluded and react defensively. Meanwhile, the discerning, deducing that the deceived are disappointingly discombobulated, deliver deft defense of the data and details, causing the duped to detonate and disgorge defective defense of their deceiving and detestable deductions. Hence, the divide between the deceived and the discerning is distended. But the discerning don’t delve into despondency since they delight in direct discussion and deliver dependable dialogue to dissuade the disillusioned from deception. The discerning also depend on divine assistance directly from God to defeat deception and darkness. And He delivers.

Don’t be deceived. Be discerning.

Janice Powell 2016


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