If Evil Triumphs, We All Lose

Two great evils have campaigned to win a nomination. Each of these evils points its condemning finger at its evil opponent, as if one evil has the moral high ground over the other evil. One evil seeking to triumph over another, like a turf war between two equally frightening and dangerous gangs bent on destroying each other and gaining control.

Evil competing with evil. Not for good, not for freedom’s sake, but for evil.

If America refuses to wake up, if principled conservatives and liberty-minded citizens don’t stand up and oppose these evils, one of them will become President of the United States. One of these evils, either the criminal with a D by her name, or the sociopath with an R by his name, will become the most powerful person in the world.

Evil will rule.

However, it will not be because I chose it. I will not cast my vote for one evil to prevent the other evil from winning, nor will I justify choosing one evil as if it is a better evil than the other. And if evil reigns, those who did choose it will wish for nothing else but to undo that choice.

But then it will be too late, for where evil is sown, it is also reaped. America will pay a great price. Our children will suffer. The world will suffer. And freedom will die.

Unless we rise up. Unless we plead with God to forgive us, to empower us, and to grant us mercy in the form of a reprieve from evil leaders. We do not deserve His mercy, but oh, how we need it. The Lord Jesus Christ is truly our only hope.

Almighty God, help us to stand against evil in all its forms. Give us courage and boldness and power to rescue and reignite what we have not treasured enough to protect. Help us take back what the enemy has stolen. And help us to once again be one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. In Jesus’ name.

Janice Powell 2016



One thought on “If Evil Triumphs, We All Lose

  1. Very good message that I wish more people would take time to contemplate on. Yesterday was just the latest attempt by liberals to try and convince me that if I did not vote for one of those evil candidates that I would be responsible if the more wicked of the two were to win the election. As you suggest in your article, the fault lies with those who put those people in their current positions in the first place. It is the devil’s ploy to try and convince Christians otherwise.

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