Good Friday, Glorious Sunday

His body pierced and lifted high
Blood pouring to the ground
Those who watched railed or mourned
Taunts and wails, a dichotomy of sound.

Darkness fell and Jesus cried,
Why have You forsaken Me?
A reed, a sponge, some sour wine
Then came death to set men free.

Holy sacrifice was done
Veil rent from throne to earth
Through selfless death He made the way
For man to experience rebirth.

Ground was shaken and rocks were split
Graves gave up in glorious birth
Bodies of those who once were dead
No longer to be held by the bonds of earth.

Guards fell back in awe and fear
Darkness a death shawl over them
They knew this was the Son of God
They knew the One they had condemned.

His body limp and lifeless now
All hope was now forsaken
A tomb kindly offered by a friend
And to this grave He was taken.

Anointed with care and wrapped in cloths
He lay inside the tomb
As despair and grief reigned without
And the enemy celebrated His doom.

But third day came and angels rejoiced
As the Savior breathed again
For grave could not hold the glorious One
Heaven’s victor over death and sin!

Hallelujah to the risen One
Whose death paid my penalty
And whose resurrection enables me
To live eternally!

Janice Powell 2017

You may read the scriptural account upon which this poem is based in Matthew 27-28. If you’d like to know more about salvation and eternal life, email me at wordsbeyondme @ cox . net (no spaces). I’d love to visit with you. Or you may visit my Facebook page here. May this Easter be an eternally memorable one for you.



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