My Kids – Some Mother’s Day Thoughts


This is five cats and two people short of the whole family. Can you guess which one is the future politician? Hint: It’s not the cat. I love these people. PS: For the next photo op, I’ll make sure my unmentionables are not wadded up under my top.

My kids have yanked all my chains, made me crazy then questioned my sanity, caused me to laugh so hysterically that they think I’ve lost my mind, and accused me of giving birth to them just so they can clean the house that they mess up.

They have argued and blamed like an ambulance-chasing lawyer, yet surprised me with moments of compassion and empathy. They make me proud and humble simultaneously, fill and break my heart until the love and tears spill out all over them, and sometimes are lucky enough to go a whole day without hearing my who-left-the-milk-out-again-and-ate-all-the-cookies screech.

They have given me more joy and brought about more spiritual growth than anything else in my life (still working on the screeching thing), and I am deeply grateful for the privilege of being their mom.

Thank you, Lord.

Janice Powell 2017


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