How did you get here?

Thanks so much for visiting my blog. I pray you find just what you need for today!

If you’d tell me in the comments below how you landed here, I’d appreciate it.





9 thoughts on “How did you get here?

  1. I found you through this article We are new to homeschooling this year and have removed our 2 oldest children from public schools to home school – for many of the same reasons you list in your “29 reasons”… and some others. So far we have met with many challenges and hurdles as we embark on our first year so I have been looking for all the guidance and encouragement I can! Prayers appreciated!

  2. This comment was posted on the page “Bless this Nation (or something to that effect). I came across that page somehow through commenting on another post, and following the link provided. Here is the comment that brought me here: “There are other writings on God and country and various issues on my blog at “.( ~Janice).

    While reading other comment above, I detected you are a “Home School” supporter. My wife and I “Home Schooled” our children until they went to college. They never sat in a government school (public) classroom. They attended PCC, and my Daughters married “Preacher Boys” and both my son’s became Preachers who married the Daughters of a Missionary Family. So, God does move in mysterious ways (and how “unsearchable” are his ways). I’m very old now, and am ready (anxious) to get out of here. But, I’m still waiting for the boarding call (in a manner of speaking). God makes it all worthwhile. I was so worried about my sons and Daughters (how would they find suitable mates) but all along God knew the end from the beginning and all I can do is smile and feel foolish for worrying.

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